Str. Păcii, nr. 16, bloc L1, ap. 18
Zalău, Sălaj, România

Domain of activity

After 10 years of experience, the company covers the following domains:

  • metallic construction and
  • spare parts for industrial machines
  • montage of industrial machines
  • projection and execution of industrial halls or special constructions
  • projection and execution of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and termic installations,
  • projection and execution of ventilation industrial installation

Relevant subsidy

To accomplish the object of activity mentioned, the company dispose by the next subsidies:

  • projection office
  • production studios
  • debitor machine with plasma, with flame, mechanical and abrasive
  • solder machines in diverse environment
  • lathes, frezors, perforators, rectification machines
  • hand tools

Reference works

At the moment, our company is accredited as qualified supplier MICHELIN Romania, by executing for this client more than 60% of portfolio orders. The most important are:

  • montage of tyre confection line M1
  • execution and montage of cooling installation of FESTOON tyre
  • montage of industrial machines in mixing up section of NAR 30 tyre
  • montage of machines in the new cord company of MICHELIN Romania


  • projection and execution of metallic confection (20 tonnes)
  • montage of protractor with bands at SILVANIA SA





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